A waistcoat isn't a wardrobe staple for most modern men, we admit. And because of this, we can see why you think it makes sense to rent a waistcoat on those rare occasions that call for one. Namely, weddings and the annual day at the races.

But what about another way? A better way? Where, instead of spending cash to BORROW a garment already worn by many, you could design an individual statement piece - a personalised waistcoat, tailored and created just for you?

Makes perfect sense, doesn't it?

Stylish Custom Waistcoats

But we still haven't answered the all-important, big question: why would you want a personalised waistcoat in the first place?

Read on!

Because It's Your Wedding Too

It's long been accepted that The Big Day is going to cost a fortune and that a big chunk of this is going to be spent on THE dress. The latest trend in Wedding World is upping the ante even further: double dresses! This trend gives a bride the opportunity to express both her formal side with a 'Day Dress' and a more glamorous, party side with a 'Reception Dress'.

Another trend is 'convertible dresses' where the poofy skirt and lacy sleeves are removed and the dress becomes a slinky evening dress - think 'Transformer Bride'.

Personalised wedding waistcoats are a shout out to gender equality, giving grooms, best men, and ushers the chance to have their own day-to-night transformer moment. Once the reception kicks off, the guys can shed their jackets to reveal a personalised, printed back to their formal waistcoats. And here's the best part - the printed design can be ANYTHING you want. From an image of a piece of custom text, or a favourite pattern, to a photograph. Our photo print waistcoats truly are personalised!

A Waistcoat Is The Modern Mullet

And you're gonna want a mullet. You think you don't now, but soon, you will: they're coming back. The famous 80's "business-in-the-front-party-in-the-back" hairstyle is due for a return. It probably won't spread further than the hipsters, but the rest of us can enjoy a low-commitment version with a customisable waistcoat.

Day-to-day dress codes have all but disappeared from modern society, but are still adhered to at events such as Royal Ascot, or other days at the races. Organised events, like horse racing meets, have pretty strict dress codes for men too - but what they see can't get you refused entry.

With a personalised waistcoat, you can appear to be towing the line from the front but can smile smugly in the knowledge that your rebel side is showing on the back, under your jacket.

For true heroes, we also have the party-party option, where you photo print both the back and the front! And they don't have to be the same image on both sides, giving you the option for some truly creative, wraparound styling.

You'll Wear It More Than You Think

There's a reason many grooms hire, rather than buy, their suits for weddings - because they just don't have the call to wear a dress suit in their everyday lives, Designing and creating your own personalised waistcoat, however, means you'll be finding ways to sneak it into your other outfits.

Choose a neutral front colour like a black, navy, or grey, and you can add it to an off the peg suit for special occasions.

There's a whole spectrum of waistcoat wearers: from full-on dandies with pocket watches, to fans of the folksy Mumford and Son style, through to a more casual waistcoat wearer, pairing it with jeans and cowboy boots.

Of course, those bad lads, the Peaky Blinders, are responsible for their fair share of waistcoat inspiration. If you're a fan, you could go all in and get the Peaky Blinders haircut - but know that this was a style created with the single purpose of preventing the spread of lice. If infestation and itching aren't big issues for you, you may prefer to profess your PB love with a removable garment, like a customised waistcoat instead.

Designing Your Custom Photo Waistcoat Is Not As Difficult As It Sounds

The fact that you can design your own waistcoat yourself and see it come to life on the screen in front of you adds an extra layer of uniqueness. A similar level of uniqueness can be attained by cutting your own mullet, but we think the waistcoat's the better option. Trust us.

Imagine you're designing a photo waistcoat for your wedding, here's how it's done:

Get together a tape measure, a digital file of your chosen design or photograph, and our Waistcoat Sizing Guide (found under the SIZING INFORMATION tab on the Sabre Waistcoat page), and away we go!

Custom Print Wedding Waistcoat Step 1

Get everyone who wants a waistcoat to have themselves measured and write down the measurements. There are tips on the sizing guide to make sure you get it right. You certainly don't need a professional to wield the tape measure, but it is best not to do this yourself!

Custom Print Wedding Waistcoat Step 2

Go to the Sabre Waistcoat Page and click on the 'CUSTOMISE' button on the right.

Customise Your Wedding Waistcoat

Custom Print Wedding Waistcoat Step 3

Select the STYLE of the waistcoat you would like to order. Click 'NEXT'.

Custom Print Wedding Waistcoat Step 4

Select your preferred DESIGN for your waistcoat. Click 'Next'. Choose one of the plain, unstriped designs if you would like to customise the waistcoat with your own pattern or photograph. Once you're happy with your choice, click 'Next'.

Custom Print Wedding Waistcoat Step 5

Click on each circle at the bottom of the page in turn, to select your chosen colour combination for your waistcoat. Your blank design will update in real time, letting your see what your creation will look like!

Choose Any Colour For Your Personalised Waistcoat

If you want to add your own pattern or photograph (and if the feature is available for your selected design), you will see a green bar labelled 'UPLOAD YOUR OWN IMAGE' above the colour options. Click on this to open the upload window.

Click on the image you want to use, and click 'Open'.

Your pattern or photograph will now be uploaded in real time to your waistcoat design! Woohoo!

Use the arrows and other controls at the bottom of the screen to adjust the placement of your image. Once you're happy, click 'NEXT'.

Add Your Photo To Your Custom Waistcoat

Custom Print Wedding Waistcoat Step 6

If you're ordering your customised waistcoats for a sports club, or society, or if you have your own family crest, you can upload your logo image by clicking on the first box of the scrolling bar at the bottom. Or, we have designs ready for you to choose from. Adding a logo is entirely optional.

Just like the photograph uploading, your logo will appear in real time on your design, and you can tweak it to your heart's content using the controls that surround the inserted logo. All happy? Click 'NEXT'.

Et voila - one unique, wearable creation.

If you're completely happy with your design, go ahead and 'BUY NOW'. Or, if you want to hold off and sleep on it, you can 'Save My Design', so that all your hard work doesn't go to waste.

You can also contact us any time to ask any questions, or even to get in touch with our free design service, who will guide you through the process.

Once you've clicked 'Buy Now', you will be taken to a screen that gives you an estimated arrival time of your new waistcoats and lets you tell us if you'll be supplying the all-important measurements, or if you'd like us to contact you to get these.

We can't wait to see what you come up with!