People are proud of being in teams; it forms part of their identities, becomes a big part of their social life, and gets spoken about in job interviews.

The thing about being in a team is that once you're in it, you're ALWAYS in it; It's not just about match day. The same goes for societies and other clubs - whether it's chess club, IT club, Glee club, musical theatre groups, or even your department at work; even when you switch off and go home, you haven't left the team.

Most school clubs, university sports teams and societies will involve some kind of official custom club kit. Sports team especially will have an entire official on and off field range, and usually, they'll have had to pay towards it, and will have had no say in how it was designed. That is a recipe for your club members only ever wearing your kit when you have to.


Bonding is essential for any team, and wearing your club or work uniform, or team kit is one of the ways your people feel part of the team. Take the New York Police Department: they are a team. In fact, their bonds are so close, they identify as a family. And they're never really off duty, even after they take off their uniform. As well as the official uniform, members of the NYPD are also issued with t-shirts and hoodies which are intended as a workout kit, but also get used for everyday wear. This everyday kit has reached such cult status that replica NYPD t-shirts are one of the most popular souvenirs from New York!

Granted, it may have something to do with the fact it's from New York and as everyone knows, everything from New York is ridiculously cool. But it should give you some idea of the power of an everyday kit for your own team.

Here's why we think a second off-pitch kit is a brilliant add-on.

You Can Sell Customised Team Kit To Your Supporters!

Teams are made up of so much more than players. Coaches, managers, administration staff - however small your team, there's always some behind the scenes peeps hard at work, keeping things running smoothly. This support network gets none of the glory - they should get some branded kit!


Another very important network is your fan base. Big or small, your fanbase motivates your team or society and swells your extended team numbers. Even non-sporting societies, like musical theatre groups, will have followers. And they want to show the world they love you, so make it easy for them by offering an off-pitch kit they can get involved with! A personalised team t-shirt is an affordable and effective way to add something to your official kit that your supporters can wear too. Printed t-shirts and personalised hoodies are always popular.

Raise Some Team Funds With Some Good-Looking Team Goodies!

All sports teams and societies cost money to run, and fundraising events are a regular part of the calendar. Designing an attractive, high-quality piece of off-pitch kit, or offering a team accessory, like an official personalised baseball cap, is a great way to raise some money.

Items like printed team hoodies, club t-shirts and custom polo shirts, are all really popular with supporters and club members alike. And the more creative you get, the more appealing it will become. Designing and offering a printed club t-shirt to commemorate a fundraising cycle ride, for example, will raise money and become a bespoke event souvenir. We offer small minimum order amounts for our made-to-order t-shirts, so creating a limited edition masterpiece is simple!

You can even extend your fundraising efforts to benefit a charity - with a portion of the proceeds going to a good cause, you'll have no problem selling off your custom charity event t-shirts.

Custom Team Kit That Becomes A Wardrobe Staple


This is probably the biggest reason to have an off-duty kit. Whereas your team's official match kit or custom team training uniform is saved for on-duty activities, a team inspired hoodie can be used to pop to the shops or lounge about, while still representing the team. While we're on the subject of lounging about, you can ensure your club members are part of the team 24/7, with team onesies.

But why would you want your club members to wear their custom hoodies, or personalised onesies everywhere? First of all, it makes them more committed to the team, and a team with strong bonds gives a better performance and gets better results. Basically, the more they identify as part of the team, the more invested they are. Simples!

There's also another clever reason . . .

Flex Your Marketing Muscles By Letting Your Custom Club Clothing Advertise For You

Most clubs and societies want more members. Constant member recruitment can take time and money and you can't afford to waste an opportunity to get your club name out there!

A well designed, eye-catching piece of customised kit, will create a strong and desirable identity for your club. If your club name starts being seen down the pub, or out and about at sporting events, your little club can get a big reputation! You'll start attracting potential new members, and potential new sponsorship. Cha-ching!

A Personalised Team Onesie Will Help Your Team To Bond!


Being new to a group can be SO awkward. This is especially true if nearly everyone in the group is new! A new year's sports team, a new class, a new travelling group, a new production cast . . . having a tribe outfit is really bonding in these situations. It marks you as together in the big wide world too, so if your group travels at all to events, matches, or shows, an off-duty team outfit is like a suit of armour, or a really well designed, comfy uniform.

The design process for a second team kit is very different to designing your made-to-order playing kit, too. Whereas there can be quite strict rules for ordering a university sports kit, for example, you can really get your creative juices flowing with your second team kit or official off-pitch kit.

It's a good idea to keep a nod to your custom players kit or members shirts; you can incorporate your team colours and logos, but without recreating the design fully.

Slogans and mottos work well on printed non-playing kit, and work especially well on team tops with long sleeves - custom hoodies, personalised sweatshirts, and baselayer tops.

Getting your team members to work together designing a team hoodie, for example, is a great team bonding exercise. And because everyone has a say, there 's much more of a sense of ownership and pride in showing off the new custom clothing.

If you want some help creating an edgy, design-led, custom, everyday kit, our design team can help. We can take on board your current team branding, as well as any new ideas your team members have, to create something unique and wearable that you will all want to wear, all of the time!