Countless studies have shown that keeping your workers happy isn't all about the pay packet. Obviously, a fantastic salary will seal most deals, but for a lot of jobs, it's the little things that really make a difference.

Take workwear for example. It's all well and good if you have an office job and can choose your own clothes, but what about roles where a uniform is required? An ugly uniform can make workers feel uncomfortable and unmotivated. If you think that sounds far fetched, you're wrong!

Freelancers who work form home will tell you that getting 'properly' dressed for work in the morning is vital to their mindset and productivity levels. Very few business empires were built by entrepreneurs in pyjamas.

Even if you're looking smaller scale than the next Microsoft, high quality, well-fitting, attractive workwear will help your workers feel more valued, happier about coming to work, and therefore, more productive employees. Trust us!

As well as your staff, your customers will also appreciate dealing with a business that cares about the image they present, and top-quality workwear will do wonders for helping you achieve this.

Here are our top tips on creating the best customised workwear for your team, big or small.

1. Stop Scrimping and Start Saving

Top Quality Polo Shirts

Quality is our thing. We talk about it a lot. We've even got an award in it. We don't see quality as a luxury, or an optional extra, we think a top quality product should be the minimum you offer. It's tempting to try and save a few pounds when you place a bulk order of work hoodies, but if you order anything other than the best quality workwear you're going to be buying more of it not very far down the line.

Forking out a little more for a top quality polo shirt for your workers will also mean it fits better. Polo shirts that ride up make for miserable workers, and one day soon, an employee somewhere will successfully sue their boss for armpit chaffing from a poorly fitting work polo shirt!

2. People Love Logos

As well as getting across the purpose of your company in a glance, a logo builds trust. It implies some effort was put into the setting up of your company; that some thought and care was taken in the image the company would like to put across.

The same goes for good design. And remember, just because you're magic at a dovetail joint, or can create masterpieces on top of lattes, you shouldn't be expected to be an expert at bespoke polo shirt design too. That's what our free design service is for.

3. A Small Workforce To be Reckoned With

Just because your team is small, doesn't meant they're not mighty. A properly branded uniform will make them feel part of an exclusive club and will help with team bonding. With only a few members of staff, it's easy to get them all kitted out with embroidered polos, and also hoodies for colder weather.

It's easy to dismiss customised workwear as unnecessary when you're workforce consists of only a few staff, but a branded uniform makes you look like a larger established outfit, so you can compete with the big boys.

4. Want To Be Contacted

Think of your staff as walking billboards; they're basically torsos of advertising space! Don't just stop at a logo when designing your customised work polo shirts, add in a tagline explaining the services you offer and, most importantly, display some contact details. Telephone numbers and email addresses are difficult to remember, but a web address or Facebook and Twitter handles are easier to recall.

Your printed polo shirts and printed hoodies should be part of your marketing strategy. Before you get designing, check little things like making sure your business Facebook and Twitter accounts are related to your business name, so they're easily searchable. Also, make sure your email address is nice and short: 'info@' or 'contact@', followed by your business name is perfect. It looks more professional and we can print it larger on your custom polo shirt or branded hoodie!

The same goes for your web address: the shorter the better, and without hyphens if possible. You don't need to include the 'www' in front either, which will save you some space - it's always something our design service will advise on.

5. Be Consistent. Be VERY Consistent

Polo Shirts For Waiters

Getting your branding consistent across your business, big or small, makes you look more trustworthy, which will make it easier to attract and keep customers.

Making sure that your branding colours, fonts, logos and contact details are recreated EXACTLY the same, wherever you advertise, will really help.

Our free design service can help you make your customised polo shirts and made to order hoodies look fantastic, but it's definitely worth considering hiring a graphic designer to help you create your branding before you even look at customised workwear.

A designer can design you a logo, choose colours match the feel of your business, and help you pick fonts that match it too. Potential customers and employees don't have to know a jot about design themselves to know that a clipart logo and Comic Sans font gives them a bit of an icky feeling about your company!

A designer will supply you with a file containing your logo in different sizes and formats, the exact names of your fonts, and the Pantone colour codes. Supplied with these tools, our design service can do an even better job! And, you can be sure that you brand colours are recreated perfectly, and your exact logo is used on your embroidered polo shirt or hoodie.

6. Dress For The Customers You Want

There's a saying in business that you should dress for the job that you want, and this transfers really well to attracting new customers too. New and established businesses benefit from thinking about the image they want to put across for the customers they want to attract, and designing their branded workwear around this.

It's something that really stands out when you get it wrong too. Imagine going to a fine dining restaurant, to be served by waiters in fleeces and baseball caps. Or a builder coming to meet you for a quote for a very expensive new project, wearing an old t-shirt covered in dried plaster? (This is where really top quality customised hoodies come in handy, by the way!)

If you're looking for customised workwear for your new business, or want to kit your staff out in a new work kit, we can help.

Our customer service team can help you crunch the numbers and advise on turnaround, and our free design service can help you get the best looking workwear there is! They can even show you examples of customised work polo shirts and workwear hoodie designs to get you started.