Sustainably made with quality and care from start to finish

As good as you’ll feel receiving your order from us, we want you to feel better about how it’s made. That’s why we don’t take any shortcuts when it comes to production and shipping. Not only is every product 100% original (no shelves of stock items here), but each is made ethically and sustainably.

To prove this to you, here are the ways we achieve this with every order.


Zero waste production

We avoid waste by holding no stock items and only start making your order once it’s placed. We also utilise all production off-cuts in fabric repurposing facilities to make sure nothing goes to waste.


Safe for our planet and for you

All fabrics, inks, and dyes are tested to be AZO-free, eco-friendly & free of hazardous substances.


Plastic-free and compostable packaging

We never use single-use plastic and promise your items will arrive in 100% compostable bags made from natural polymers. This is a fancy way of saying these bags naturally break down into organic matter within just 9 months - we also avoid any unnecessary packaging such as hang tags.


Recycled and carbon neutral delivery

Our deliveries are made carbon neutral at no extra cost to you, using recycled & recyclable packaging.


Trusted and ethical supply chain

We are very proud that every aspect of our production facility has been independently ethically certified through SEDEX.


Meeting the industry’s highest quality management standards

As part of our commitment to quality production, we are an ISO 9001 certified business - all part of our commitment to excellence.


Don’t you feel better about ordering from us?