Peak Shawl-Collar Custom Cardigan

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Product Information

  • EXCLUSIVE customisable cardigan sweaters - made just for us and loved by our customers worldwide
  • Create your new custom cardigan sweater in just a few clicks: select a style template, pick your colours, add your logos and branding - et voila!
  • Created with 320 gsm / 10 oz 100% cotton fabric as standard - chunkier 400 gsm / 12 oz also available
  • Button down the details - choose from elegant wooden buttons, or minimalist plastic buttons
  • Side pockets as standard, or keep it streamlined with a pocketless design
  • Go BIG with all-over printing of your pattern or photograph on your bespoke cardigan sweater
  • Customise collar linings with a Pantone-matched colour, pattern, or photograph
  • Sleek design with flat cuffs and hem, although classic ribbed hem and cuffs available too
  • Go extra! Add a faux fur or fleece lining, patches and arm stripes, and give cuff thumbholes a try (you'll never go back!)
  • Personalise your sweater cardigan with individual names and numbers in print, embroidery, or applique

A favourite with clubs and societies, and also with workwear customers, our customisable cardigan sweaters offer an unexpected touch to a club kit or uniform.

The full button-through style falls firmly in the smart-casual category, so it can pep up your jeans or post-game outfit, or add a cosy swathe of informality to your office look.

Start customising your cardigan sweater by choosing your colours, then tweak the details.

In a dark or neutral colour, the custom cardigan sweater is actually a genius alternative to a classic business suit jacket: it takes personalisation in the form of printing or embroidery really well, and is far easier to wash regularly. Perfect for reception or shop staff, an for delivery drivers and service staff too.

If neutral isn't the look you're after, we also offer all over printing on our customised cardigan sweaters. This means you can send us any pattern, image, or even photograph, and we can do a full seam-to-seam print of it on your cardigan sweater. You don't get more personalised than that.

We can't wait to see what you come up with!

  • One order for all shapes and sizes. Mix and match men's, women's, and children's sizes AND classic and slim fit, in the same order!
  • Enlist some expert help with our FREE Design Service
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We cater for every customer, from the world's biggest companies and brands to local colleges, sports teams and social clubs. Everyone can enjoy the benefits of bespoke design & production.


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