Online Shops for Groups


CLIFTON have been working with groups on big orders for over a decade now, over the years we had noticed the same problem occurring for many of our customers - it is a massive pain to organise people, get all the sizes in and make sure everyone pays their money in full and on time!

So we have produced an online shop available only to group orders. The dynamics are the same as group ordering offline, so you still get all of your group based discounts (fantastic), but don’t have to personally collect money, sizing and individual initials (even better). You do need to encourage people to order though, and that’s it, your job over!

How It Works
The group leader will work with our team to decide what items are sold in the online shop in your design, we then give them a way to access the shop which he/she will pass around their group. This means each group member can log in, in their own time, take a look at the shop and place their own order, individually at the group discount price.

That Sounds Great!
We are glad you think so! The aim of the online shop is to reduce the stress and effort group ordering takes. Each group member is responsible for ordering their own item, meaning correct sizing, orders never getting lost or confused and the group leader knows who has and hasn’t ordered. We also offer for all group members to sign up to the email system, meaning that at each step of the way they know exactly what is going on and at what stage of the production process their garments have reached.

So I can just keep ordering from this shop at discounted prices forever?
No, online shops are set up for a pre-decided amount of time, meaning each group member still has a closing date to work to. This allows us to produce your items and get them delivered in time for your deadline.

Does this cost me anything to set up?
Nope, nadda, nothing, take it as a gift from us to you.

Ok, I need one of these, where do I sign up?
Contact us via the 'Get In Touch' form below and a member of our team will be on hand to assist!