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You may know them as Waistcoats or Vests - either which way we can make your bespoke design come to life whatever the occasion.

  • Design your own custom waistcoat in club colours, in your wedding colour scheme, or with your own photograph
  • Ready made templates with plain block colours or stripes - just pick your colours
  • Choose from sleek single-breasted, or classic double breasted waistcoat styles
  • Standard v-neck or deeper horseshoe neck options let you choose the exact look you want
  • Contrast piping option really makes your colours pop
  • Put your own photo on your waistcoat with our custom print option. Send us any design or image and we will print it on the back, front, or all over your personalised waistcoat
  • Add a personal touch to your customised waistcoat with printed, embroidered or appliqué names, logos and badges


Worn as part of a three-piece suit, or just with jeans, our waistcoats stamp your own style on your outfit, be it a formal club kit, wedding wear, or part of a custom workwear uniform.

Our easy to use templates help you to create your very own waistcoat. Choose to design your own single breasted waistcoats or a bespoke double breasted waistcoat in block colours, stripes, or patterns, and add contrast stitching and piping too.

Still not unique enough? Then how about creating your own custom print photo waistcoat. Send us any image file, pattern design, or photograph and we can print it on your waistcoat. And we’re not talking a little printed picture on your chest; we mean we’ll print it ALL OVER your waistcoat, seam-to-seam! Either on the front, or on the back as a surprise when you take off your jacket, or on the back AND front, completely wrapping you in your chosen photograph or design!

  • Made to order personalised waistcoats
  • Our bespoke waistcoats can be made to order for everyone - men, women & children 


  • Quantity
  • 1+
  • 4+
  • 10+
  • 25+
  • 100+
  • 250+
  • Pricing from
  • USD $202.50
  • USD $168.75
  • USD $87.75
  • USD $74.25
  • USD $67.50
  • USD $60.75

Above pricing is based on cut+sew designs, prices may vary depending on your design

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