Hollands Custom Wool & Linen Blazer in Men's Cut

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Product Information

  • Put your own design twist on our premium fabric blazers for men
  • Fly your club or school colours in a custom colour wool or linen blazer
  • Summer or winter fabric weights available
  • Single, double, or contrast piping creates unique colour combinations and an elegant look
  • Double button front and three buttons at the cuff, or tell us how many buttons you’d like, and where
  • Practical and pleasing pocket choices. Traditional flap pockets, sleek besom pockets, or exterior patch pockets
  • Handy inner pockets with the option to add embroidered names to individual blazers (really useful!)
  • Achieve the full preppy blazer look with embroidery club logos or crests on chest pockets
  • Photo print linings add a unique and hidden special touch to club and school blazers
  • Bespoke and personalised women’s wool & linen blazers also available

Carry on your club tradition with our classic custom blazers for men - offered in our premium wool and linen fabrics.

Based on the original sports blazer, our customisable wool (or linen) club blazers can be created in any colour you require, from subtle neutrals, through to blazing brights. A particular favourite as rugby club blazers, we’ve sent our customised rugby blazers all around the world to rugby clubs large and small. Our minimum order is just 10 custom blazers, which is ideal if you’re kitting up the new recruits.

Design-wise, the ball is in your court. Add a modern edge with a custom photo print lining, or keep it totally traditional with an embroidered patch on the breast pocket- or both! Bright blazers will always have a special place in our heart, but we also love our wool & linen club blazers in classic colours with contrast piping - as do the Tonga Rugby Team. They won the prize for best blazer with their crimson rugby blazers with fresh white contrast piping - simple but eye-catching.

And don't worry, our fit matches our flair too. Our blazers are available in a huge range of men’s sizes, as well as slim, classic, and mighty fit. We then tailor each bespoke blazer to your player’s individual arm and back measurements, so they feel as good as they look.

  • Traditional custom wool & linen men’s blazers available in slim, classic, or mighty fit
  • For the best fit possible, we tailor each blazer to individual arm and back measurements
  • We love shipping our custom blazers around the globe and we can deliver to any address worldwide


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  • 100+
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  • USD $202.50
  • USD $202.50
  • USD $202.50
  • USD $202.50

Above pricing is based on cut+sew designs, prices may vary depending on your design

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