Signature Service for Your Club, Company or Brand

We have been working with many big name brands, from airlines to breweries, for many years now and understand the need for discretion and meeting very specific brand guidelines.

Clifton now offers all our clients the opportunity for a full consultation with our account management team to discuss the exact requirements of your clothing project. This includes design ideas, garment & colour preferences and fabric selection.

With this information to hand we then work with you, along with our in-house design and product development teams to refine your own unique product range and designs.

We are highly flexible in terms of order size which makes re-ordering popular lines refreshingly easy and the option to scale up or down as you require. We are the friendly experts you hoped to find backed by a confidential and professional team.

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Interested in Creating Something for your Club, Company or Brand?

Contact us directly via the 'Get In Touch' forms at the bottom of each page - you’ll be surprised by what we can do for you.


Signature Service for Something Completely New

Clifton offer a wide range of products, but we admit there are probably some things we haven’t thought of.

The beauty of how we work lies in the fact that every single item is made to order, we have a highly skilled production team and don’t need to buy in pre-made garments. This means if you think of something completely new to us, we don’t have to spend months sourcing a supplier, testing the new garments and finally creating what you want a year down the line.

Our experienced production engineers have the ability to make anything and we are yet to be stumped by something a customer has requested of us!